We-Vibe Verge Vibrator For Men

  • $113.99

Unique design created to wear around penis, testicles during masturbation or sex with partner Verge stimulates perineum, an erogenous zone between the scrotum and anus that responds to both pressure, vibration

Can be worn on its own or during sex
Both can enjoy rumble vibes

Powerful vibrations
Rumbly vibrations stimulate perineum during masturbation or sex with a partner

Comfortable design

Unique design made with silky smooth silicone that is soft, gentle on body

Not to restrict play so Verge is made 100% waterproof
Makes it easy to enjoy anywhere, simple to clean

USB rechargeable
Convenient, eco-friendly
Rechargeable, lasts for up to two hours of play on single charge

With free We-Connect™ app you can play, share control of Verge from anywhere
Create custom vibes, play together with other We-Vibe products

Low power alert
Tells you when Verge needs charge before vibrations weaken so it’s ready to go for next time