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A penis sleeve created for those who want to explore optimal satisfaction.

Double the strength, 4 uniquely designed program variations, and a softer, more flexible sleeve for a wider range of shapes and sizes. 10 state-of-the-art sensors provide performance feedback through the LELO app, allowing users to build the most pleasurable set of programs for the ultimate orgasm.

With LELO's SenSonic Technology, one of the motors emits powerful sonic waves that permeate deep into the penis, making it feel as though it's resonating from all directions at once, instead of simply tickling the nerve endings on the surface of the skin.

LELO's Cruise Control setting ensures you never experience a frustrating power drop during vigorous use. It intelligently monitors and controls the intensity to ensure a completely seamless, uninterrupted experience.

An app is available that is compatible with iOS and Android. Connected by Bluetooth, the app allows greater and closer control over personal pleasure. With the app, users put pleasure at their fingertips.

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