Shunga Naughty Geisha Collection
Shunga Naughty Geisha Collection
Shunga Naughty Geisha Collection

Shunga Naughty Geisha Collection

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This naughty Geisha set of 5 piece contains wonderful recipes to push the limits of your pleasures.

Ideal for romantic getaways, this small set contains all the secrets to ignite your moments of sensuality. The set can follow you in all your travels, including in planes.

Discover new sensations that can lead you to the climax of female orgasm ... Use alone or with the complicity of your partner.

Dragon cream gives intense effect "ice of fire".
Increases your pleasure and allows you to reach multiple orgasms.
Exclusive blend of 100% natural botanicals, extracts helps bring out the strength, energy of the male organ while sensitizing intimate female areas.

Enhance your G-spot.
Explore alone or together, this sacred area that leads to the borders of wonder with the cream of excitement = "Rain of Love".

10 speed bullet vibrator supplied to you, (battery not included), is small, discreet, quiet and powerful. Perfect for external stimulation to intensify your intimate experiences.

TOKO Aqua lubricant is water based and natural, ultra silky and aroma-free. Perfect to use with adult toys.

Tastefully decorated this box will be a successful surprise.

Set Includes:

  • 10 ml TOKO Lubricant Aqua
  • 7 ml Secret Garden
  • 7 ml Dragon Cream
  • 7 ml Rain of Love
  • 10-speed vibrating bullet (AAA battery not included)