Olivia's Boudoir CBD Tincture Relaxation 500mg 1.1oz

  • $39.99

Let Olivia’s introduce everyone to the fusion of clean beauty and luxurious pampering. What Clean Beauty means is that a product must pass the test of having no preservatives, color additives, phthalates, mineral oils, parabens or sulfates. Olivia's Boudoir does not compromise when it comes to toxins in their products.

The Result:

A portfolio of offerings centered on wholesome, effective ingredients in their purest form. Olivia's Boudoir makes sure that every product is unfailing safe, sustainability packaged, effective and luxurious to experience

Pure Coconut Oil infused with 500 mg. CBD isolates offers you an effective way for relaxation or as “drops of sleep” tincture.

Coconut Oil: fractionated (steamed) coconut oil has no taste while being a great carrier for our CBD. It allows the CBD to easily dissipate completely throughout the oil. CBD Isolates are 100% pure. Isolates have no THC. Isolates easily dissolve into the coconut oil. Has no taste.

1.1 oz

Glass reusable bottle